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Areas of Special Interest

Spine including lumbopelvic and kinetic chain dysfunction involving multiple joints, sports, chronic conditions, and headaches


Bachelor of Art (BA) in Biology with Chemistry Minor, University of Minnesota, Morris

Bachelor of Art (BA) in Physical Therapy, College of Saint Scholastica

Professional Activities

Present to groups including the American College of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians, Minnesota Academy of Physician Assistants, APTA approved Continuing Education, ICSA work groups on Low Back Pain and Headaches, and Entira Clinics.


Steve has been practicing Physical Therapy for over 30 years. He enjoys treating patients of all ages and conditions. Over the years, Steve has developed many specialties and has become a go to spine specialist for physicians and their patients. He has presented on the topic of low back pain to physicians, physician assistants and other professional health care organizations. Steve utilizes a biomechanical approach to his practice, identifying the underlying problems which may be distant to the joint or body part with symptoms. He often applies hands on manual therapy to correct alignment, incorporating strength and movement science to resolve issues and prevent future episodes. Steve places a strong emphasis on patient education and self-care skills, with an individualized approach allowing patients to meet their goals and return to the activities they enjoy and need in their lives. Steve has patient outcome scores that are consistently at or above the 95th percentile on a national outcomes data base.

Spare Time Activities

Outside of work, Steve enjoys time with family and friends, working on his yard and cooking for others.




Bachelor of Art (BA) in Biology with Chemistry Minor, University of Minnesota, Morris
Bachelor of Art (BA) in Physical Therapy, College of Saint Scholastica

Professional Certifications

APTA Certified Clinical Instructor

Professional Affiliations

Institute for Clinical System Improvements, Acute Low Back Pain Guideline
Entira Family Clinics, Neuro-Musculoskeletal Work Group
American Physical Therapy Association

What others are saying

Steve is the local authority on complex spine rehab. I have trusted my whole family to his care. He is an extremely good manual “hands on” therapist. He is compassionate and excellent at explaining to patients why they are having pain and how they can avoid future complications.

What patients are saying

“I had severe back pain for five years. I tried chiropractors, other physical therapists, acupuncture, radiofrequency, exercise, massage, food changes, etc. At its worst I struggle to work four hours per day. After two months at OSI, I am now pain free most days. I can’t express how grateful I am for you helping me get the quality of my life back. Thank you!”

“I used to love to downhill ski, but haven’t done so in five years due to my back pain. I went out to Afton yesterday and skied for several hours. I wasn’t in pain afterwards and I’m not in pain today either. You have allowed me to get my life back. I probably saw 30 other people before you who tried to help me. You have an amazing gift and I’m grateful that you shared it with me. You have completely changed my life ad I can’t thank you enough!”

“Steve is extremely competent and I have a lot of confidence in his input.”

“Steve is the best. I had no idea I would be treated so well. He is very professional and very positive.”

“This was my third set of treatments with Steve over a several year period. I keep coming back because he really knows what he’s doing.”

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