Occupational Health - OCChealth

In addition to rehabilitating injured employees and helping them return to work, OccHealth is a leader in helping companies solve complex Workers’ Compensation cases. Our Therapists have extensive experience in providing objective information regarding employee injury issues. OccHealth offers prevention programs that begin with work area walk throughs for Work Risk Analysis. We also provide management and employee training that help companies lower the incidence and often avoid on-the-job injuries.

OccHealth provides services in three distinct yet interrelated areas:

Return to Work & Stay at work


OccHealth has a wide range of experience and effective programs to help injured employees return to work with a minimum of risk to themselves or your business.

We determine work readiness by working with your company to complete a Job Function Description that accurately describes a job and its physical requirements. From there, OccHealth conducts a Job Match Screen to accurately determine if a post-injury employee can effectively perform job requirements.

Solving complex cases

OccHealth helps solve tough cases by offering these services: Functional Capacity Assessments, Work Conditioning Programs, and specialized Consulting services.


Fewer Injuries Means A Better Bottom Line


Avoiding on-the-job injuries is healthy for your employees and your company. We start with a simple Work Risk Analysis and help reduce injury from day one.

OccHealth’s Work Risk Analysis helps to quickly identify risk factors by examining worker habits, worker routines, workstation design and ergonomics.

This Analysis is based on our understanding of how injuries are caused. It involves a walk-through visit, where we observe the work environment and workplace habits of employees. OccHealth then recommends changes that can be implemented to mitigate potential workplace injuries.