Looking For A Physical Therapy Clinic?

More and more people are turning to OSI as their first choice for treating painful movement. Seeking to avoid long-term medication and sometimes surgery, many people want to fix their sports injury or pain. They don’t want to treat the symptoms.


Quick access – no referral required

Osi orthopedic specialists, licensed physical therapists, and personal trainers are experts in movement, physical rehabilitation, and exercise rehabilitation. A referral is usually not required, so there are no extra steps when you need orthopedic care.

Preventive physical therapy services

Building on our reputation for physical therapy and physical rehabilitation services, we are now committed to preventing injuries so you can keep doing what you love to do. We offer health and fitness services, keeping in mind your medical conditions that require special consideration.

Physical rehabilitation

We’re committed to resolving the movement problem and restoring what’s been lost to the condition. This can mean anything from being able to work, return to sports, or even something as simple as picking up a grandchild again.

Personal training

Known for our expertise in sports medicine, osi offers sport-specific training designed to improve your game. Our personal trainers and physical therapists will design a program specific to your sport or activity.