Biofeedback is a training tool that helps patients control their symptoms associated with muscle tension or weakness. The following are conditions where biofeedback may be used:

Muscle tension


Muscle Weakness

Low back problems are sometimes caused by an accident or trauma, but most often the pain is a result of:

Biofeedback patients are trained to more effectively either use their muscles or quiet them, depending on the particular condition. Electrodes are applied to the skin to detect muscle tension, which is displayed on a computer screen. Patients receive feedback on the tension in their muscles and learn how to control their body’s response. They can also learn about their patterns of breathing and how they impact posture and pain. Biofeedback is used as a teaching tool and can increase the effectiveness of a self-management program for pain.

Insurance payment for biofeedback

Physicians who prescribe biofeedback for their patients recognize the benefits and seek out those services. Most insurance plans recognize the benefits of biofeedback training and pay for those services. However some insurance plans do not include biofeedback as a covered service. Contact your insurance company to verify that biofeedback, for your specific problem, is a covered benefit.