Return to Sport

Whether you are an injured athlete wanting to get back to your sport, a team that needs help ensuring the safety and sport-readiness of its athletes, or a healthy athlete looking to improve your overall performance, OSI’s has a program designed for you, no matter your age or your sport.

Return to Sport

Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation Services

At OSI, we understand that injured athletes want to get back to their sport as soon as possible. Many of our physical therapists are athletes themselves, and understand the urgency that an injury brings to the rehab process. And they understand the importance of keeping you in shape while you recover.

Returning athletes to their sport quickly

Athletic Training Services

OSI offers contract services to high schools, clubs and other athletic organizations that need on-the-field athletic training. Our athletic trainers are medically trained and often the first response after an injury. Our staff is skilled in knowing what treatment should follow, whether it’s a visit to the emergency room, a physician, or a physical therapist. OSI’s athletic training services include:

Ensuring the safety and sports-readiness of your athletes

Sports ​Performance Training

As an athlete, you work every day to improve your skills and performance. So do we. We have experienced athletic trainers and physical therapists that will develop a customized exercise rehabilitation program for you or your team. Our Strength & Conditioning Specialists (CSCS), draw expertise from the latest research on sport training and will help you maximize your potential. Coaches teach the skills, and OSI’s staff will tune up the most important piece of equipment you bring to your sport – your body. Fact is, we can help you become more athletic. Which means you’ll be able to jump higher, run or swim faster, throw farther, or whatever it is you need to do to perform at your best.

Improve your performance, ​any age, any sport