Running Gait Analysis

A running gait analysis in physical therapy is a detailed evaluation of an individual’s running mechanics and technique. It involves the assessment of how a person runs, including factors like stride length, foot strike pattern, body posture, and muscle engagement. The goal of a running gait analysis is to identify any abnormalities or inefficiencies in a person’s running form that may lead to injuries or hinder performance.

Here’s how a running gait analysis typically works:

Video analysis

Video cameras are used to record the runner from different angles while they run on a treadmill. The video footage allows the physical therapist to closely examine the runner’s form and identify any irregularities.

Running Gait Analysis

Footwear evaluation

The type and condition of running shoes are assessed to ensure they are appropriate for the individual’s foot type and running style. In some cases, recommendations for suitable footwear may be provided.

Functional assessment

Depending on your needs, our back treatment includes functional training in posture, body mechanics and job simulation. We offer the coaching and direction that makes it easier for you to stay on track.

Running history

The therapist will gather information about the runner’s training history, injury history, and specific goals. Understanding the runner’s background is essential in tailoring recommendations and treatment plans.

Feedback and recommendations

After the analysis, the physical therapist provides feedback on the runner’s gait and discusses any areas that may need improvement. They may recommend exercises, stretches, and modifications to running form or footwear to address identified issues.

Running gait analysis is beneficial for a variety of reasons:

Injury prevention

Identifying and correcting poor running form can help prevent overuse injuries and reduce the risk of injury.

Performance enhancement

Improving running technique can enhance running efficiency and overall performance.

Individualized training

A personalized analysis allows for tailored recommendations that take into account a runner’s specific needs and goals.

Informed shoe choices

Guidance on selecting appropriate running shoes based on gait analysis findings.

Return to running after injury

It’s important to note that gait analysis in physical therapy is not limited to runners and may be conducted for individuals involved in other sports or activities. The analysis provides valuable insights that can inform injury prevention strategies, rehabilitation plans, and performance optimization. Talk to your physical therapist if you’re interested in a running gait analysis!