Patient Success Stories

What Patients Are Saying

“Mike has been extremely helpful! He has shown me effective exercises and I feel I have improved. Very positive experience.”

“I wanted to thank you and Jody for all your help, patience and guidance with my physical therapy for my ACL replacement. You were so positive and encouraging and it made a big difference. I was able to be on skis the past two weekends to officiate at ski races. It was a great feeling to be ‘on the snow’ again!”

“When my injury happened, I was very worried I’d never be able to run again. In addition, as a nursing student, mobility and being able to get to a station quickly is vital. You, however, worked hard to help me, got to the root of the problem and dealt with my quirks. I am now optimistic about getting into even better health than before. Thank you so much!”

“OSI’s hand therapists listen and adjust treatment according to my feedback, which I appreciate. Casual conversation during treatment helps me relax and I believe I get more benefit from ongoing clinic treatment. Thanks to you all!”

“Your OT taught me to help myself – which is very rewarding (priceless).”

“I will always keep coming back to OSI whenever necessary. Shari has always been great to me and I enjoy working with her.”

“Shari and the staff at OSI are wonderful, and all are vested in my recovery. This is my second knee replacement and I chose OSI and Shari because of the great results.”

“Stillwater has wonderful therapists. They have helped me be strong and have done a great and thorough job educating me on how my body works. This has been wonderful beyond words.”

“The Occupational Health program at OSI is the reason I am able to go back to work. Thanks a bunch!!”