YMCA Senior Health Fair

YMCA Senior Health Fair

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YMCA Senior Health Fair

Ryan Tully, PT and I participated in the WBL YMCA Senior Health Fair on September 10th this past week.  This was my 3rd year participating in this community event which draws a good crowd of local seniors.  Many of whom that attend this fair already take an active approach at managing their health.

When we arrived, the YMCA staff greeted us at the door and gave us a table assignment. Already couches and chairs in the lobby and hallway were filled with seniors waiting to be released into the gym.

Precisely at 1:00 the seniors entered the gym and many made a beeline dash to the samples of food and coffee.    There was Jimmy John subs or pasta from Donatelli’s or they could take a very large sample of Caribou coffee.  They needed energy for the 2 1/2 hour event and they didn’t  want to miss an opportunity to get a free lunch.

Seniors were given bags which they filled with pens, notepads, treats, letter openers, pill organizers and whatever the vendors were passing out.   There were flu shots given and blood pressure taken.  Hearing aide services, AARP rep who was a 90+ year old former OSI patient, Senior Resident housing, Estate planners and several medical supply company’s were also accounted for.

Our booth provided the seniors with education on Vertigo or dizziness.  We educated the public with information like what Vertigo is, how it  can happen to you and how a Physical Therapist can treat it.

As like previous years, there were seniors that stopped by our booth to give us updates on their rehab and to share with us their positive OSI experiences.  Also to tell us what Senior games or races they participated in this year.

Our one jaw dropping moment came from a woman who walked up, mind you it was with a rolling walker to our booth and she was interested in putting her name in the Panera Bread raffle.  Her spine was mildly flexed.  Her face was smooth and pink with very little wrinkles. She had just come from water aerobics which she does 3-5 days a week.  She wanted us to guess her age.  Ryan gave her an honest guess of 73 years old.   We were very surprised when she told us she was 90 years old.  I believe she has done her body good.  Good genes….maybe, but I believe keeping the body moving, eating healthy foods, keeping strength and balance is also a good predictor!

Stay Healthy and keep moving!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.  See you next year for the YMCA Senior Health Fair.

Yours in Good Health, Kristine Sicora, PTA



Kristine Sicora

Kristine Sicora

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