What Will You Find In An Athletic Training Room?

What Will You Find In An Athletic Training Room?

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What Will You Find In An Athletic Training Room?

The Athletic Training Room (ATR) is like a second home to Athletic Trainers. We sometimes spend more time at the school, in our rooms, and at events than we do at our own homes. I know during 2 a days it feels like I am only home to shower and sleep, and that the rest of the day I spend at the school. I thought it would be a cool idea to ask some of the High School ATC’s I knew to send me some pics of their ATRs and some info on their school.

Classic Suburban Conference Schools: 

  • Henry Sibley High School
  • Hill-Murray High School
  • Mahtomedi High School
  • North High School
  • Richfield High School
  • Simley High School
  • South St. Paul High School
  • St. Thomas Academy
  • Tartan High School

No two ATR is the same. When I first came to Henry Sibley, they explained to me that the ATR was originally made in the Mens locker room…ya that would not work out for a female in the profession. When they needed to move the location of the ATR they didn’t have many options. When they showed me where I would be setting up camp I had to chuckle to myself. I was stationed in a closet in the gym. Concrete floors and fence “walls”. It was very dungeon like, and was an oven in the summer, and a freezer in the winter. Luckily the AD at Sibley worked on finding me a better space, and by the middle of the winter sports season my 1st year, I was able to move into an old computer lab that wasn’t getting much use.

This room was not built to be an ATR, I do not have an ice machine, sink, or whirlpools in my room, but the space is AMAZING and I love it. I have 4 treatment tables, a taping table, my own desk, 3 tables for kids to do homework on, another table for my taping station, a cabinet for my supplies, a mini fridge, and tons of floor space for all my other equipment. I love that I can fit plenty of kids in here, and still have room for my self. In the old closet I was falling over the kids trying to move around. The one thing that would make this room perfect is an ice machine. The one we have is located in the mens locker room (in the old ATR) so I feel like a burden when I have to ask a male athlete or janitor to get my ice.

It all works out in the end tho, and I LOVE my room and the space I have.

Henry Sibley High School:

ATC: Alli Mahmood

Quick Facts:

About total Male & Female athletes 893 (including tri-sport athletes)

Favorite tool: I was lucky enough to get a hand me down compression boot, and that is probably my most fancy piece of equipment. My foam roller, thera-bands, and yoga balls probably get the most use however.



The Athletic Training Room ATRs - Alli [3]

Simley High School:

ATC: Kassiann Keister

Quick facts:

About 450 total Male & Female athletes (not counting 3 sport athletes)

About 150 a season

Favorite tool: Foam Roller



The Athletic Training Room ATRs - Alli ageSt. Thomas Academy:

ATC: Marissa Brouse, with the WIN for most beautiful ATR in a high school setting I have seen!

Quick facts:

All-male college preparatory

500 (grades 9-12) athletes

100 (grades 7-8) athletes

Favorite tool: Foam Roller


The Richfield Athletic Training Room ATRs - Alli [1]Richfield High School:

ATC: Molli Yokel

Quick Facts:

About 200 total Male & Female athletes in sports covered by Molli

Most used tool: Thera-bands and Foam Roller.




Out of State High Schools:

The Athletic Training Room ATRs - Alli ageSkowhegan High School (Located in Maine)

ATC: Tyler Cates

Quick Facts:

About 540 Male & Female athletes throughout all sports seasons





The Athletic Training Room ATRs - Alli [2]

Hermon High School (Located in Maine)

ATC: Kaitlin Crockett

Quick Facts:

175 athletes throughout the year

Most used tools: Graston, Ktape, and massage




Foxcroft Academy (Located in Maine)

ATC: Jackie

Quick Facts:

500 Male and Female student population, 120 from other countries

100 athletes a season

Most used tools: Tens unit, or ultra sound


Thanks for reading!

– Alli

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