What Is The GRASTON Technique?



What Is The GRASTON Technique?

You may have noticed on OSIpt.com under physical therapy services “GRASTON” is listed.  So what is it and how can it help you get better.
GRASTON Technique is a type of soft-tissue mobilization which uses 6 different shaped metal tools with convex and concave surfaces to help detect and treat tissue restrictions which affect normal muscle and soft tissue movements.  GRASTON works by breaking down fascial restrictions and scar tissues, or fibers that have healed in a haphazard form instead of nicely aligned, so the body can adsorb the broken up tissues and lay new correctly aligned fibers.  The purpose of overall therapy is to modify how your body responds to an injury (inflammation, muscle spasms, pain) or enhance the components of normal musculoskeletal function (range of motion, muscle strength).

Clinicians who are trained in GRASTON have completed a 2 step certification including basic and advanced training. A certified clinician will run one of the 6 metal tools over the affected area to determine where the adhesions occur.  Then using the tools on the affected area will start to break down those adhesions by using different types of strokes with the various tools. The tools either have a convex or concave shape allowing for the clinician to vary pressure depending on the size of the area which needs treatment. The concave sides cover more surface area at once, therefore dispersing the pressure more which is usually more comfortable for patients.  The convex shaped tools provide more exact pressure. Breaking down these adhesions and assisting in the healing process in turn increases the range of motion and strength, and decreases pain.


GRASTON is used to treat acute and chronic injuries and pre and postsurgical patients.  It usually takes until the 3rd or 4th treatment for patients to start seeing progress, but research shows 70-90% of all conditions treated using GRASTON see positive outcomes.   Common conditions treated with GRASTON include; medial/lateral epicondylitis, plantar fascitis, rotator cuff tendonitis, patellar tendonosis, IT Ban Syndrome, Achilles tendonosis, entrapment syndrome, turf toe, metatarsalgia, neck and back pain, heel pain, Chronic/acute strains and sprains,  and many more.

Come see us and maybe GRASTON can help you heal.

– Kaitlen