[Video] How To Tape Hip Flexor Kinesiotape

[Video] How To Tape Hip Flexor Kinesiotape

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How To Tape Hip Flexor Kinesiotape

In continuation of the Kinesiotaping series, I’ve roped in a volunteer to help with the hip flexor taping video.

Kinesiotaping for the hip flexors can be a very effective tool to help reduce hip flexor pain in the athletic population. As you’ll see in the attached video, there are many variations in taping techniques, I’ve chosen the two most common applications to show today.

In my practice, I like to break down the muscles surrounding the pelvis into four main groups. On the front of the body, the abdominals attach at the top of the hips, and the thigh muscles attach to the bottom of the hips. On the back side of the body, the low back muscles attach to the top of the pelvis, and the hamstrings attach to the bottom. A balance of these four muscle groups is key to maintaining pelvic stability. In a situation where there is a muscle imbalance, an issue like hip flexor pain or tendonitis can occur. I prefer to tape for this condition to provide outside feedback to the hip flexor group to promote improved body mechanics through muscle activation or inhibition (shutting the muscle down).

Thanks for watching, I hope you learned something! Feel free to leave your questions and comments below.

– Jon

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