[Video] Kinesio Ankle Taping Tips – OSI Physical Therapy

[Video] Kinesio Ankle Taping Tips – OSI Physical Therapy

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[Video] Kinesio Ankle Taping Tips – OSI Physical Therapy

Thanks again for taking the time to look over our video series. Today’s session covered a few techniques for the application of kinesiotape to the ankle joint. The first technique is a use to solid strip cut into five fingers to assist with the reduction of swelling in a specific area.

The second technique was a simple ankle strap designed to provide sensation feedback to the ankle joint, allowing the patient to appreciate the position of the joint in space, or proprioception.

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering whether or not the application of kinesiotape is appropriate to treat a specific ailment. Good patient candidates for kinesiotape application are typically athletes, or any active patient. The tape is designed to move with the body, so a mobile patient is a good patient for kinesiotape. In addition, it is important to ensure that the skin is healthy enough for a kinesiotape application.

What I mean by that is kinesiotape should not be used in the case of broken down skin, open wounds, rashes, etc. I have used kinesiotape around.near surgical incisions without any negative consequences, but it would not be wise to apply tape across broken or abraded skin.

Finally, I believe it is important that the patient understand what the tape is, and is not. I make a point to inform my patients about the benefits of kinesiotape application, but try not to oversell it as some sort of magical cure. In the case of ankle instability, the tape is not meant to replace a brace, but very effectively provides consistent superficial feedback.

I appreciate your continued interest in my taping techniques! Thanks for watching!

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