6 Tips To Being A Great Host

6 Tips To Being A Great Host

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Tips To Being A Great Host

You may have read my “How to Be a Great House Guest” blog post, but what about being a host to your guests? Your company has come all this way to be in the same place as you are.  You want to make sure they are comfortable and enjoying their time.  Here are a few tips for being a great host!

  • Give your guests clean sheets and towels, easy enough!
  • Organize/clean the main living areas.  It doesn’t have to be like a museum, you do live there! But, picking up your underwear that hasn’t been folded yet, and put away any personal items you may laying around, is a nice gesture, and may even save you some embarrassment!
  • Play tour guide, I know in my “How to be a good house guest,” says tells the guests to not expect the host to do this, but if you, as the host, don’t have to work and have the time to do this, it’s really great for out of town guests and very fun to spend the time with them and show them around your stomping grounds.
  • Feed them! Not necessarily a 4 course gourmet meal, but its nice gesture to make them dinner of some sort, and a great way to relax with your guests in the comfort of your own home.
  • If you are working and your guests are coming and going from the house on their own, give them a spare key, so they don’t feel like they have to leave when you do and not come back until your home.
  • Give them an orientation to where everything is. My house is your house, is the most comfortable for both the guest and the host, so if the guests know where everything is they can just help themselves!

– Kaitlen

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