Tips From ‘The Prose’: Form On The Leg Press

Tips From ‘The Prose’: Form On The Leg Press

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Tips From ‘The Prose’: Form On The Leg Press

Here’s a quick little tip from me about the leg press.  I have had a few patients this week alone that when I have them use the leg press, they are surprised when I cue them to push through the ball and heel of their foot.  They say to me,” I was told to push through my heel only”.  If you push through both the ball and heel of your foot, you will better balance the forces that go through your knee joint, reducing possible pain provoking stresses and more properly activating the muscles that move and support the knee joint.

I would also recommend placing your toes close to the top of the leg press plate to avoid your knees bending too much and keeping your knees lined up with your feet opposed to letting your knees roll in, all of which could also potentially cause pain in the knees.  There’s your tip of the day – hope it’s helpful!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I’d love to help give you some tips on improving your sports performance. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed these simple tips.

– Amy

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