Testimonial: Basketball Player Abby Schouvieller

Testimonial: Basketball Player Abby Schouvieller

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Testimonial: Basketball Player Abby Schouvieller

Shooting the basketball - Abby SchouviellerMy name is Abby Schouvieller and I am a sophomore at North St Paul high school. Last year as a freshman I tore my ACL in a basketball game. As you can imagine this was not pleasing as it was unknown territory and it meant I had to miss lots of soccer, basketball, and summer activities.

I had surgery in May of 2014 and began physical therapy at OSI the day after. My physical therapist Emily made the process very easy. She explained each step to recovery and made me feel very comfortable. She had me do many exercises that progressively got harder as my leg healed and got stronger. She made me feel confident in my leg and encouraged me to work hard.

I went into this thinking the worst but Emily and the others at OSI turned it into a good learning experience. I was still able to do a lot over the summer and although I had to miss soccer I made it back in December for almost the whole basketball season.

I learned a lot about how to condition my body to prevent injury and the correct technique to things like squatting and landing. I would like others who might be going into this know that it is not the end of the world. If you work hard and make the best of your time you will be back before you know it.

I feel that I am in better shape and know a lot more about my body after this experience and would like to thank Emily and the others for making this as easy as possible.

Wide open - Abby Schouvieller

– Abby Schouvieller


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