Technology In Exercise

Technology In Exercise

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Technology In Exercise

Exercise is important, right? I mean, I tell my patients every day to do their exercises. Why is it then that is is so hard for me to want to jump on my elliptical and pedal or stride for 25 minutes or so? As I worked through these apprehensions, I realized that it came down to one thing for me. Boredom. I get bored standing in one place and looking at the same unfinished sheetrock wall, thinking of something, anything else that I could be doing that is more fun than this.

Well, I’m a big technology nut. When I ordered my elliptical, I had to get one with as many gadgets as I could. You know, anything to take my mind off the minutes and seconds that never seem to count down fast enough. So, I bought a Proform 1110E with an iPad holder and iFit compatibility. My iPad sits right in front of my face, and with my iFit membership, I can run in every corner of the world. For only $90/year, my elliptical talks to my iPad (once the devices are “joined”) and updates my iFit account with my speed, time, etc. Then, on my iPad screen in front of me, I get a Google Earth view of wherever I’m running. It could be Zion National Park, or Kona Coast, Hawaii.

This morning, I did a 3 mile run along the coast of Cape Horn, South Africa. There was quite a bit of elevation change along the course, and as I watched the hill in front of me on my screen ramp to the sky, the pedals under my feet ramped up to match the terrain. As I descended back toward the coast, the ramp moved back to level. Pretty cool.

I’m not implying that the scenery in front of me makes the 25 minutes any easier, because they sure aren’t. But at least looking at a moving path in front of me helps me feel somewhat accomplished. That counts for something, and it keeps me from getting too bored. iFit and the iPad help me get through my time, and I hope you find something to help pass yours.

From the unfinished basement of the Sampson compound, thanks for reading, and best of luck with your workout plan.

– Jon

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