Summer Days, To 2-A-Days

Summer Days, To 2-A-Days

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(Above: at my Bridal Shower)


Summer Days, To 2-A-Days

Where did summer go? I swear, every year the summer seems to get shorter. As an ATC, summer is my favorite time to catch up on some well deserved rest after the school year. Even though my summer seemed to fly by, and yes, it did seem more stressful than others, but it was truly the best one of my life.

Going into summer I knew I would be busy. I got married on Aug 2nd, and there are plenty of events and tasks that go along with the wedding. Everything seemed like it was a lot of work, but in the end I wouldn’t change anything, because it all was so perfect.

In June I not only had my bridal shower, but Tony and I also decided it was time to move out of our rental town home in Hugo. Tony is currently working in Minnetonka, and me in West Saint Paul, so the commute was starting to get annoying. Moving sucked, but our lease was up and we had to make a decision. (photo above)

July was by far the craziest month of them all. Started the month off with the holiday weekend; we always try to make it to some body of water (pool, lake, sprinkler?) and BBQ our favorite meats #merica! Tony and I got a kayak for my bridal shower, and we didn’t use it enough this summer. Such a blast!

The next weekend was my high school annual camping trip. We try to get all of us together at least for one weekend out of the year, and it’s such a blast to all hang out and enjoy time away from life and its craziness.

The weekend after that was my bachelorette party. I had a couple friends come from out of town to help me celebrate, and it made me so grateful to know how many good friends I have in my life.

Summer Days - OSI Physical Therapy 2

(Bachelorette party)


The last weekend in July is the annual Dragon Boat Festival in the lovely Grand Marais. This trip is so much fun and Grand Marais is one of my favorite places of all time! The race its self is something many can say they have never done, and spending a weekend with women you normally wouldn’t is so very refreshing.


Summer Days - OSI Physical Therapy 3

(Grand Marais)


The first weekend in August was my wedding. All the stress and worrying, and many months of planning definitely paid off. Seeing all the hard work I did finally put together was very satisfying, but seeing my guests enjoy themselves was the icing on the cake. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, and it seems weird that I don’t have anything to plan anymore!

Wedding Photos

Wedding Summer Days - OSI Physical Therapy

Wedding Day Photo

Wedding 2 Summer Days - OSI Physical Therapy

OSI WSP Team, and Simley former ATC









After the wedding we left for our honeymoon in San Fran CA. We did too many amazing things for me to write on and on about, but Napa was probably my favorite. (If you are planning a trip to San Fran you MUST go to The Slanted Door in the ferry building, best food I have ever had!)

Hotel Summer Days - OSI Physical Therapy

(In Napa)


Napa Summer Days - OSI Physical Therapy

(Going to The Slanted Door)


So after a crazy summer, I jump into the craziness of 2-A-Days

Why are 2-A-Days so crazy you might ask? Well for an ATC this is the time of the year where all fall sports hold 2, 2 hour practices. That may not seem like much, but when football starts at 730 in the morning, and you get there at 7 for pre-game treatment, and volleyball ends at 7 in the evening, those 12 hours drag on. It is also crazy because there is one of me, and 400 fall athletes.

Somehow though, it all works out. 2-A-Days are a lot of work, but it is also so wonderful to see the kids after the long summer. I enjoy catching up on their lives, and laugh at the drama that has already started for the season. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, the kids are truly what makes the job enjoyable!

ATR Summer Days - OSI Physical Therapy

(Volleyball players braiding hair before try outs)


Injuries in 1 week:

  • Ankle: 5
  • Knee/Hamstring: 4
  • Head: 0 (YIPPIE)
  • Back: 3
  • Hip: 3
  • Blisters: Too many
  • Illness: 3
  • Asthma: 2
  • Fakers: …..

2-A-Days Note Summer Days - OSI Physical Therapy

How many of these “injuries” occurred right before they had to condition, and then were magically fine the next day? Probably too many.

Here’s hoping that week 2 has even less injuries than week 1!

Instagram Summer Days - OSI Physical Therapy

(“You know it’s 2 a days”….)

Thanks for reading! Leave your comments and questions below! 🙂

– Alli



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