Shoulder Decide App Of The Week

Shoulder Decide App Of The Week

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Shoulder Decide App Of The Week

In continuing the tradition of technology and education, I’d like to introduce my new Blog Series, “App of the Week”.

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You’ve hopefully read my blog articles about Yelp and Find my Friends, which were both really helpful on my road trip. Now that I’m back to real life (and work), I like to lay out over the next few months some apps that have really put new meaning into physical therapy education. This first app is one I use almost constantly to help my patients understand and appreciate their shoulder joint. It works much better than the static charts on the wall of the olden days (or for some of our staff, that’s still current day, haha! Kidding Ripley!)

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This app is called Shoulder Decide, and was developed by Orca software. The best part of this app is that it is FREE!!! My favorite part of using this app is opening it up, handing my iPad to my patient, and having them navigate. It is hard to put into words the level of engagement that happens when a patient can add or remove the rotator cuff structure to see deep into the joint, or move the shoulder through a range of motion that helps them understand what impingement syndrome actually looks like from an inside perspective.

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I like to think that Shoulder Decide gives my patient the best look inside why their shoulder hurts, without watching a surgery. I’ve had a number of patients go home and download the app on their own device, and come back and tell me how much they’ve enjoyed learning about their body.

The app is Shoulder Decide, the price is free. Get it today at the iTunes App Store.

– Jon

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