Resolution Solution – For Any Fitness Training Resolution!

Resolution Solution – For Any Fitness Training Resolution!

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The Training Room in Somerset, Wisconsin is holding its annual Resolution Solution contest again this year. Resolution Solution, in the past, has been used as a weight loss program for individuals to begin the New Year off the right way – losing weight and getting healthier. This year we have changed things up quite a bit.

Resolution Solution 2014 is not solely focused on weight loss. This year it encompasses any fitness goal an individual may have. Want to get stronger? DONE! Want to be more flexible? You got it! This year we focused the contest to target all areas of fitness.


Resolution Solution is 8 weeks long. You begin the competition off (week 1) by completing a comprehensive fitness assessment. The assessment includes:  a cardiorespiratory endurance test that determines your VO2 Max, muscular endurance tests, muscular strength tests, a flexibility test, a balancing test, and a waist/hip ratio test. The pre-contest assessment is also done in week 8 of the contest. Those who improve the best, overall, will be our winners. As you can see, this year’s contest is more focused on fitness than weight loss. In fact, it is not focused on weight loss at all. Too many people believe that the only way to become healthier is by losing weight. While that is an important factor, there are other ways in which someone can become healthier.


More details about Resolution Solution 2014 can be found on the flyer below. If you have any further questions about Resolution Solution, please contact The Training Room in Somerset – 715.247.5770

If you have any fitness resolution this year, this is a program that will help you achieve it. Feel free to send me an email with your questions or feedback at


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Jeremy Denzer

Jeremy Denzer, Program Director/Personal Trainer/Health Coach at The Training Room

Jeremy Denzer

Jeremy Denzer

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