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Pay It Forward

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Pay It Forward

It’s December, it’s the season of giving. I wanted to talk about random acts of kindness/paying it forward. And, it doesn’t always require “giving” anything.  Little stuff like going out of your way to hold a door open for someone – which, being the mother of 2 toddlers is VERY much appreciated, more than you can imagine.  So, sometimes, it’s nothing more than a minute of your time that can make someone’s day just a little bit better.

So far, I have done a few things this month dedicated to random acts of kindness/pay it forward.  It’s funny sometimes to see the reaction of people. It’s sad to say how caught off guard some people are with this kindness. Some smile and are really appreciative, others just seem like it’s weird. I personally think it is very unfortunate that some people are so surprised by someone being nice to them. Either way, the intention is to make someone smile and for the most part it works. Mostly, I don’t see the reaction of the recipient because it’s something I leave for just anyone to find.

I am writing about this because I read about someone who did random acts of kindness and it inspired me to follow suit. My hope for this blog is to maybe inspire a few people to do the same.  Not just the month of December but all year.  I believe it can make a difference. Pay it forward simply means “If someone does something nice for you, instead of paying them back, turn around and do something nice for someone else.” If everyone does this, the possibilities are endless.

I will end this with my favorite quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  BE THE CHANGE….

– Hayley


Here’s a great video from Westjet they posted back at Christmas in 2013.

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