OSI All Staff Holiday Meeting

OSI All Staff Holiday Meeting

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OSI All Staff Holiday Meeting

One of my favorite times of year is when we get to gather together as a group for the OSI All Staff Holiday meeting. It’s a great opportunity for all the employees to spend some quality (informal) time together catching up and yes, even talking a little shop, which is inevitable when working with PT’s.

Having 9 clinics located throughout the east metro area, the OSI employees don’t see each other on a regular basis. This event not only provides social activity, but it also gives OSI a chance to reflect on 2014, as well as recognize people who have gone beyond expectations in way or another. The agenda usually includes a few speakers, a few games, great food, and staff updates and awards.

This is only my second year at this event and it’s such an inspiration watching Jody Ruppert (CEO), Jim Hoyme (c0-owner) and Mike Ripley (co-owner) address the staff. OSI has created an amazing work environment that encourages input and team work. There are truly a lot of wonderful people at OSI. I consider myself so lucky to work with such an honest, dedicated group of people who’s true purpose is to help other people.

Anyways, here are a few pictures of the gathering. Enjoy and have a very safe, and Happy Holidays!

– TJ

OSI Annual All Staff Meeting 09

Jim Hoyme, OSI Co-Owner

OSI Annual All Staff Meeting 05

Game Time

OSI Annual All Staff Meeting 04 OSI Annual All Staff Meeting 02 OSI Annual All Staff Meeting 01




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