OSI Making Of A Champion Series: Featuring: Alyssa Podgorski

OSI Making Of A Champion Series: Featuring: Alyssa Podgorski

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OSI Making Of A Champion Series: Featuring: Alyssa Podgorski

The next athlete in line for the Making of a Champion series is Alyssa Podgorski. Alyssa is a longtime patient of mine, as you’ll find out more below. One of my favorite things about Alyssa is her “hard-grind” attitude, and unwillingness to quit. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her play soccer since my first year at OSI, so most of her high school career. She’s grown from an athlete looking to others for improvement, to the athlete that others aspire to be. From beginning to end, Alyssa is the kind of Champion that makes a lasting impact! South St. Paul High School girls soccer will miss you, and so will OSI West St. Paul!


JS: Alyssa, what sports were you involved in your high school career?

AP: My athletic focus is soccer. I’m a goaltender through and through.


JS: Is it a safe bet to consider soccer your Champion sport?

AP: You bet!


JS: What did you come to OSI Physical Therapy to have treated?:

AP: I went to OSI to have my knee, ankle(s), and hip treated.


JS: She’s definitely a veteran of our program! And in those four years, what was your favorite part of physical therapy?:

AP: My favorite part was the people working at the front desk and the talks I had early in the morning during my sessions with Jon.


JS: Your dad loved those 6:30am appointments, but we got the job done! In that same time, what was the worst part of physical therapy?:

AP: The pain I experienced when Jon used the metal tools (editor note: She’s referring to the Graston technique) on my hip at each of the sessions.


JS: You’ve let the secret out! Just kidding! Tell us, what is an obstacle you’ve had to overcome to become the Champion that you are today?

AP: I had to overcome my laziness about doing my exercises to start getting healthier.


JS: I’m truly surprised by that, because you are an exceptionally hard worker! Laziness doesn’t even enter the radar of my list of descriptors for Alyssa. What was one defining moment when you realized you had reached Champion status?

AP: My best sports memory was an away game against Hill Murray where the team came back twice to win the game 5-4. This was the game I had the most saves in and where I had to rely on my reflexes and body to make saves from what seemed like constant shots.


JS: Such an awesome memory! You’ve put in a lot of time and effort into soccer! What do you believe is one ingredient/characteristic that makes you a Champion at everything you compete in?:

AP: I think that being determined is an important characteristic to be a Champion in all that you compete in since someone that is determined is willing to go the extra mile to improve and will not give up. I know that there were many times that I wanted to give up in practice or in a tough game, but knowing that I could make a better save at the next shot and help my team pushed me to do better.


JS: You’re almost done with your senior year at SSP. Tell us about your college plans, and what your focus is going to be in school/athletics at the collegiate level?:

AP: I will be attending the University of Wisconsin – Madison this fall and I will be studying biomedical engineering. I hope to join a club or intramural soccer team in college to stay active and not gain the “Freshman 15” as well as to continue playing the sport I love.


Amazing story, amazing kid. One that will not soon be forgotten! Thanks for taking the time to read through Alyssa’s story, and be sure to check back for more of OSI’s Making of a Champion series. Thank you Alyssa for choosing to be part of the OSI family!

– Jon

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