October 2014: TPI’s News From ‘Around The Net’

October 2014: TPI’s News From ‘Around The Net’

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October 2014 TPI’s News From Around The Net


Links of the Week


  1. Health Care Reform.

    Tom Main and Adrian Slywotzky of the powerful Oliver Wyman health care consulting group write about 3 movements that will drive technology growth in health care delivery. Price, Outcomes, Value, and Collaborative models are emphasized.




  1. Population Health.

    Population Health Management. Evidence based clinical standards, clinical integration/networks, quality management. What does this mean for innovative physical therapists??




  1. Analyzing questions around ACOs.




  1. Leadership During Changing Times

    . 5 Things effective leaders do during times of change. Are you leading change? Or on the sidelines watching?




  1. Transformational Leadership.

    The deathcrawl. This coach is a real transformational leader. Can you lead in ways that help your team members grow?



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