Why We Need ATC’s

Why We Need ATC’s

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Why We Need ATC’s

As an athletic trainer working in the high school setting, there are many people I work with. Being a part of OSI’s team also allows me to work with even more professionals. When an athlete gets injured, there are a couple of people that need to be contacted. The parents are obviously at the top of the list, along with the coaches and sometimes Physical Therapists. I thought it would be an interesting idea to get some thoughts from parents, student athletes, coaches, and PT’s on why they thought having an ATC on site was beneficial. Here are some answers.



Student 1:

  1. if you get badly injured during practice/game there is someone who knows how to correctly treat it
  2. if they need physical therapy, it’s easier to do it in the school than go to a clinic
  3. if you have an injury, (like taping or KT tape) they’re experienced & know how to do it so you don’t further injure yourself at practice


Student 2:

  1. Immediate attention
  2. Immediate feedback/ Opinion after injury
  3. Less injuries


Student 3:

  1. Having someone to go to when u don’t want to just go to a doctor right away
  2. Having someone on sight at athletic events


Student 4:

  1. Someone can tape us so we don’t have to figure it out ourselves
  2. We don’t need to waste a bunch of money going to the doctor/hospital when you can diagnose it and you’re much closer.
  3. You sit at our games and help us on the spot so we don’t have to sit the whole game when we can get taped and then play


Student 5:

  1. saving time and money instead of going to the doctor
  2. Getting taped to have extra support throughout games/ practices
  3. Having immediate access in case of an injury


Student 6:

1) on the scene help

2) tips to avoid injury

3) medical attention with injury


Student 7:

  1. Place to nap
  2. Place to vent and get advice
  3. Alli is bomb
  4. Brings cup cakes and treats


Student 8:

Having someone explain to you what is happening to your body during an injury. Alli does a great job at telling you in simple words what your specific injury is, and what we need to do to fix it.

Having someone around to tape anything you can think of.

Having someone to help you with not only injuries, but every day crap that goes on. The training room is somewhere to go for injuries, or a good cry about life.

  1. More relatable than a nurse
  2. See more sport related injury, so they know what they are talking about more.

ATC Why do we need atcs- Alli



Parent 1:

1) Without a trainer our athletes would not receive the extra care and attention of a trained professional at their most vulnerable and crucial moments preceding an injury.

2) The trainer will continue to work with the athlete post injury, and facilitate any assessments, referrals, and important facts about the nature of the injury, and best treatment options.

3) The student athlete, their parents & the school would be at a loss and and risk serious liabilities and continued injuries if we all did not have our trainer resources.

Alli has been available for my son and has provided  professional, informative, and caring attention to his injuries on the field. We are grateful to have her.


Parent 2:

Having a trainer at the school has proven to be beneficial for many reasons.

Having a trained and skilled professional to help on scene with serious and mild injuries is a huge benefit.

As a parent, I don’t quite know when it is necessary to seek more professional help with an injury, and Alli has helped guide me in the injury process.

Alli was a great bridge for us to get our child into physical therapy when they needed the extra help. This helped our child get back to sport faster in a safe manner.


Parent 3:

Injuries get found faster

Healing begins sooner

Exercises are done correctly because the trainer is watching and helping each day

Parents have someone to discuss the injury with to see if a doc needs to be called.


Parent 4:

There are many benefits to having a Trainer at school I am sure, but what stands out for me as a parent is… during games there are many incidents where a athlete is injured and as a parent we can’t (anymore) always go running to our child’s aid. Having a Trainer available is comforting  for both the athlete and the parent. There are times when a athlete is down and the coaches have to keep the game moving, so the Trainer takes over an accesses the situation.

Knowing a Trainer is available is just good practice. They are knowledgeable and able to give immediate medical attention.

I am a parent of three athletic children, I also coached middle school volleyball for 8 years and cheerleading for 6 years. I didn’t have a trainer available and found myself losing focus on my teams performance to remedy an injury.

I always had a medical “tool box” with me, but it wasn’t enough or efficient. Trainers are a gift to schools and worth whatever they can spend to retain one!


Alli and Jon Why do we need atcs- Alli


Coach 1:

Having trainer on site helps the coaches know what players will/will not be able to play/participate.

Having trainer on site will insure that the athletes get the care they need ASAP.

Having trainer on site will insure the quickest possible return to play status after an injury


Coach 2:

Having an athletic trainer on site makes me and my athletes feel safe. If something were to happen (that wasn’t a blister or small cut) I would have no idea how to handle providing care.

Having an athletic trainer around helps my athletes stay on the court. Alli has made it clear that the athletes are her main priority, and that she will even come in on a day off to help them with their injury.

Having an athletic trainer at sibley is a necessity.


Cupcakes - Why do we need atcs- Alli

Physical Therapists:


There are three huge reasons why a high school athletic trainer is very important to me.

You are my first point of contact for the pulse of the athletic population (i.e. who is hurt, etc). If we didn’t have a trainer in the school that I got to work with, I would not have any idea of who could use physical therapy intervention.

Learning: you are the best return to play expert and on field triage person that I could ask for. These aren’t my areas of expertise, I rely heavily on you to make the split second decisions in the moment. Quite an adrenaline rush! Also, you’ve taught me a ton about taping and your interventions, so we can work best together to get the athlete back to play.

Just a great teammate. You are someone I know I can count on if I have any questions about return to play, level of ability, or just helping me understand who the athlete is and how I can best interact with him/her.

ATC’s are irreplaceable.



Good collaborations of medical (EMT, PT, MD)

Concussion DX and management

Emergency care and able to give acute MOI for early DX


– Alli

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