Meet The Team: Physical Therapist Katie Larson



Meet Katie Larson, OSI Physical Therapist

This week for our staff highlight we have picked someone from our Stillwater location. We have chose to introduce you to Katie Larson. She is an awesome person to work with on a daily basis and brings an enormous amount of talent to the team. So let’s meet Katie, in her own words.

Katie is on the right

Hello, My name is Katie Larson and I have been with OSI Physical Therapy for 8 years.  I work in our Stillwater Office and truly love my job.  I have a lot of fun and look forward to coming to work.  Each day brings more laughter.  The majority of my case load is the running athlete.  I am a runner myself, so I can relate to runners on their level. I have ran many races, everything from 5K to Marathons.  My favorite distance is 1/2 marathons (all the fun with 1/2 the training).  I have treated many marathon runners, high school cross country runners, and every other level in between.  When treating runners it is important to watch them run, so I often will video tape runners while they run and analyze their form and technique.

I am a sports clinical specialist, which is a certification given out by the American Physical Therapy Association that distinguishes PTs as experts in the field of sports physical therapy.  I am also a certified strength and conditioning coach.  My expertise and passion is working with athletes of all levels.  I am always keeping up with the latest research to get athletes back to their sport as quick as possible.  I also have a great relationship with Perpetual Motion Gymnastics.  I am at the gymnastics facility on average 1 time/week working with the athletes and the injuries that come from being a high level gymnast.  I am not a gymnast, but I am amazed each time I watch them perform.

Walkign-with-child-Katie-Larson-Physical-Therapy-at-OSIWhen I am not working I am a busy Mom of 3.  Devin (5 years), Lucas (3 years), and Alyssa (2 years) are amazing kids that I love spending time with each day.  We are busy, but that is why it is so much fun.  My husband’s name is Brent.  He is a PT that works from home and coaches Somerset Boys Varsity Basketball team.