The Medco Catalog Has Arrived

The Medco Catalog Has Arrived

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The Medco Catalog Has Arrived

It’s that time of year when all the holiday catalogs start coming out and everyone spends their time flipping through them and marking what they want. This is not the case for athletic trainers. Our “holiday” catalog arrives at the beginning of the year. It puts a smile on my face the day I open my mailbox and the Medco catalog has arrived.

Medco catalog - OSI Physical Therapy 2


Medco catalog - OSI Physical Therapy 1


I pack it in my workbag and look forward to when I have a few minutes to start flipping through and making my wish list. You are probably thinking, “wow this sounds like something I would want to look through.” Well if you are in to tape, band-aids, ice Medco catalog - OSI Physical Therapy 3bags, rehab equipment, nose plugs, and other medical supplies, then this is the catalog for you. It may not sound too exciting now, but for me and other ATs it is. Deciding which brand of tape or band-aids you want, or picking out an item you normally don’t purchase because it’s not in the budget is what we look forward to. Whatever it is you want or need for athletic training supplies you will find it in this catalog.

After lots of time dreaming about a new table, rehab equipment, kinesio tape, or other things I would love to order, I put together my normal list and send it in for a quote. Following all that excitement comes the waiting game….When will my supplies get here?????

The day finally arrives when I open the door to my athletic training room and there is a big pile of boxes waiting for me. I quietly say, “YES” and start looking for the packing slip. My supplies are here and now I get to organize and put them away.

Too all of you this may sound pathetic but for me and other ATs it is a nice change to our normally hectic job. If you are ever curious why we get so excited about this catalog come and look at it with me. You never know, you may request your own just to look at!

– Sarah

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