OSI Making of a Champion Series: Featuring Cole Veith

OSI Making of a Champion Series: Featuring Cole Veith

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OSI Making of a Champion Series: Cole Veith

I’ve been fortunate to work with many talented athletes in my short tenure with OSI. I developed the “Making of a Champion” series to highlight some of the incredible local talent I get to work with. These stories come from athletes across all different sports. Dance, football, basketball, and bowling, to name a few. I’m honored to work with them all! As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read through these success stories, and share in these athlete’s accomplishments.

In this edition of “The Making of a Champion“, we will hear from Cole Veith, a football and baseball player who has made a big impact on the Simley High School athletics program. Join with me as we discover what makes Cole a Champion.


JS: What sports are you in Cole?

CV: Football, baseball, and recreational boxing


JS: What is your Champion sport?

CV: Either football or baseball, it’s too soon to tell.


JS: What did you come to OSI Physical Therapy to have treated?

CV: Right glute, right groin, knees, and my left shoulder


JS: What was your favorite part of physical therapy?

CV: How personable and flexible the staff and times are.


JS: What is an obstacle you’ve had to overcome to become the Champion that you are today?

CV: Injuries. I’ve been plagued with many of them but this past year I’ve taken many measures including rigorous strength training and stretching to be in the best shape possible for the upcoming baseball season.


Making of a Champion Cole Vieth

JS: What was one defining moment when you realized you had reached Champion status?

CV: Starting in my first varsity football game as a sophomore and getting the big win over Hill Murray


JS: You’ve made quite the impression on the Simley athletics program at a young age. What is one Champion ingredient in you that makes you so successful?

CV: My work ethic both in and out of school. I strive to be the best in everything I do with few excuses


JS: As we look ahead to spring baseball, and then preparing for football in the fall, what are you going to focus on to ensure continued Champion status?

CV: Getting better both physically and mentally. I struggle in dealing with pressure and I need to overcome that to be more successful. In addition, I’m going to continue to train to prepare myself physically.

Making of a Champion Cole Vieth and Jon Sampson

I think that sums up how a young athlete with the right type of focus can create a culture of success in an athletics program that knows what success feels like. Cole has a lot to offer to Simley High School, and I know for sure that his athletics career is going to be riddled with the word “Champion”. Thanks Cole for allowing OSI to help you along the way. You are a true Champion.

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