The Leadership Edge Program: Update #3

The Leadership Edge Program: Update #3

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The Leadership Edge Program: Update #3

Leadership Edge #3 - pt 1

Think about it . . . most therapy practices and their owners and leaders focus so much on patient care and productivity, which is very important – no doubt. But the practices – businesses – that will successfully move into a transforming health care world will embrace the same tenets as UNC – take the time to build leaders and teams around integrity, and you will see outstanding results.


Last month we described . . .

5 Reasons therapy clinics need effective Followers, Leaders and Team Players from Top to Bottom

  1. We are dealing with disruptive change in health care, and successful clinics must change accordingly
  2. Many people don’t like change and resist it – leaders provide a vision to make the change meaningful
  3. High performance teams need broad leadership to effectively work through the challenges of change
  4. Team members need knowledge and skills to be effective followers, leaders, and team players – Big L leaders support leadership learning and growth
  5. Leadership and team building are time consuming – effective leaders at all levels realize the importance and commit time to build people and teams to achieve long term success


We will soon complete our first 10 week Leadership Edge Program at TPI Minnesota. It has offered our cohort members a great learning and growth experience. One of the clinic managers said, “At my previous employer, ‘leadership training’ only involved learning how to manage productivity. The Leadership Edge gave me an understanding of how to lead and inspire the people on my team.” A young PT who just started his career 5 months ago said “The Leadership Edge opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of my career and how I can lead as a new team member. The concept of Followership is awesome. I’m striving to be a Self Starter Follower so I can develop into a great leader. ”

10 weeks of learning

Leadership Edge #3 pt 3

Leadership Edge #3


Interested in leadership development for you and your team?

I’d be glad to talk to you about it.

– Jim


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Jim Hoyme

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