Do YOU Know What ‘Na Zarowia’ Means?

Do YOU Know What ‘Na Zarowia’ Means?

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Do YOU Know What ‘Na Zarowia’ Means?

Na Zarowia! In polish means “to your health” Every once in a while I meet someone from my hometown area up in northern MN. We hale from a large Polish community.

So I had to wear my shirt for him one day. In the photo is Phil and he tells me over and over how great my staff is at the Forest Lake clinic. He has been to many other therapy places in the years and he hasn’t come across a better place. The customer service and care he receives is top notch. I have to agree with him. I am very proud of my staff. I feel they are the finest around and we have outcomes to show it. We are ranked in the 90% for the country.

If you have further questions feel free to call me. Na Zarowia!!

– Tammy


Tammy Kasprowicz

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