Injury Preventing Sitting Positions for Video Gamers

Injury Preventing Sitting Positions for Video Gamers

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Does your ultimate form of relaxation (or fun) come in the form of video games? Believe it or not, playing video games is actually linked to some health issues, especially if you are playing for long periods of time. One of the most common conditions linked to playing video games is back pain. If you or your kids are avid gamers, consider implementing one of these injury preventing sitting positions to avoid back pain while gaming.


gaming-chairsGaming Chairs

When you sit on chairs with bad support or lay on the couch to play, you are putting strain on your body and back pain is often a result. Did you know that there are ergonomic gaming chairs specifically designed for video gamers? They focus on supporting your body where you need it most –– you back. It helps you stay in correct posture so that you are not putting extra strain on your body.


Therapy Ballstherapy-ball

Believe it or not, using a therapy ball as a chair while you play video games is actually a great way to improve your posture and prevent back pain. Your muscles are constantly engaged while sitting or lying on the ball, you might not feel it, but your core is actually working to keep you balanced and stabilized. All of this combined helps to strengthen your back muscles and prevent pain.


If you can’t implement either of these new sitting methods right away, you can still improve your current sitting posture. Place a rolled up towel or blanket behind your low back to increase support, or a couple pillows should do the trick.We also suggest standing up to play every so often (or even trying to play while standing).

So now that you’re prepared to prevent back pain, go relax on your new gaming chair, therapy ball or at least with more support –– and game on!

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