Important Info For Coaches And Parents (Saint’s fans must read)

Important Info For Coaches And Parents (Saint’s fans must read)

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Important info for coaches and parents 01

Important Info For Coaches And Parents

Important info for coaches and parents 05Our baseball weekend, the good, the bad, and the ugly. *Important info for coaches and parents*

Ahh baseball, the token summer sport for us in MN. Who doesn’t love to sit back, grab a beer and a dog, and enjoy the hot summer weather while watching some ball? You gotta “root, root, root for the home team, and when the Twins inevitability don’t win it is a shame, (but we’re used to it), for it’t 1, 2, 3 strikes you’re out, at the ole Saints game”

Yes, “Take me out to the ball field” is something I like to do when the weather is nice. Whether it’s a Twins game, a Saints game, or my brothers game, baseball is something I can enjoy at any level.


Important info for coaches and parents 03The Good:

My family and I just went to a Saints game, and it was a hoot! The atmosphere at Midway stadium is so much fun, and I encourage everyone to get out there this summer, because the old Midway Stadium will be no more after this season.

What I love about the Saints game is how much fun they are for the crowd. The announcers are really involved with crowed participation in games and jokes, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. There are fun races/games in-between the innings that make fore great entertainment, and the tailgating in the parking lot before hand is the best part!

The fireworks after the game left me “oohing and awing” and grilling on my baby girl before the game was funny. It got the job done for some pre game franks and beans though.

– Here is a link to their schedule and ticket prices:

Tickets are cheap for a night of fun for the whole family, or group of friends.


Important info for coaches and parents 04

Fireworks at the Saints game

The Bad:

More like the AWFUL. Unfortunately my brother James was at a baseball game in Ham lake, and witnessed a lady get struck by lightening. The Ump had called the game because he saw some flashes in the distance, and everyone was leaving for coverage. My parents were in their car when they described to me “the craziest flash and noise they have every seen”. They said that you could hear the “whip” of the bolt, and then they just saw someone sprinting across the field towards a downed lady. My brother and his teammates were under shelter, not to far from the downed lady, and my brother witnessed the strike. He said it was the scariest thing he had ever seen, and yelled for someone to call 911. The lady seemed to be unconscious the entire time, and then the ambulance came and took her to the hospital. My brother led the team in prayer, and we are still praying for her today. I haven’t heard anymore on her status, but I wanted to take this opportunity to go over some weather safety.

Important info for coaches and parents 07

Important info for coaches and parents 06

Amazing photos of lightening by Keith Harding (my old neighbor)

Athletic Trainers can’t be at all events, and a lot of times youth summer leagues of all sports do not have them there. Please take the time to read these Position Statements on weather related injuries, and if you are a coach I encourage you to print these and keep them in a binder with your equipment, you could save a life!

Lightening Rules for Play:

Cold Injuries:

Heat Illness:

Fluid Replacement for Athletes:


Important info for coaches and parents 02


Important info for coaches and parents 08The Ugly:

So with any sports there is a chance of injury. This injury happened when my dad and brother were playing catch. My brother is working on his pitching, and my dad took a fastball to his lower shin/ankle. He got a pretty nice bruise over where the ball hit, and we all just thought it was a simple contusion. I told him to ice and do some ankle circles to keep it moving.

After a couple days my dads whole lower leg swelled up, and was pretty red in color. I then told him that he needs to go in to get that looked at. I feared there might be a fracture or even a blood clot in there. Blood clots need to be address by a medical personal because they can be dangerous. If a blood clot is left untreated, there is a possibility of it traveling to your lungs or heart causing SERIOUS health concerns.

Important info for coaches and parents 09

When he went to the doctor, they diagnosed him with a blood clot, and got him on some medications for it right away. After a couple days on the blood clot medication, he still was having pain and was not getting any better. He had been keeping up the ice, but had still been working and weight bearing on it for the majority of the day.

I told him that he needs to go in and get a second opinion and possibly an xray. It didn’t seem right to me that he wasn’t getting any relief. Sure enough he had an infection in his leg, and should have been on antibiotics right away. I am glad that he kept going in to get it taken care of. Sometimes I feel that people are scared to go back in to a different doctor, because the first one “must have it all right”. Sometimes that is not the case, and if you truly listen to your body, and something is not right, go back in! He is on the road to recovery now, and just has to work on getting the swelling and infection down.

– Alli

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