The Importance Of A Strong Core

The Importance Of A Strong Core

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The Importance Of A Strong Core

Why do we train our “core muscles”? Well, the answer is kind of simple. Your “core muscles”,  which are comprised of: the oblique’s, abdominals, lower back, gluteus muscles, and many other hip stabilizing muscles, are essential for everything you do in day. Any type of gross motor movement begins with your core. It flows from your core outwards to your arm and legs. Therefore, by developing a strong core, the rest of your body becomes stronger.

Activities of daily living (ADL’s)

Developing and having a strong core is important for performing your activities of daily living – sitting into and getting out of a chair, picking up a grocery bag from the floor, etc. All activities of daily life utilize your core muscles. If those core muscles are stronger, activities of daily living become easier and the risk of injury is reduced, especially when coupled with proper form. Even the basic activities of life rely on your core muscles to some extent – sitting, standing, bathing, etc.

Job tasks

Think of a job/job task that doesn’t utilize your core muscles. I bet you can’t! Jobs that require lifting, twisting, and leaning over heavily rely on your core muscles. Even sitting still in a chair requires you to use your core muscles. Sitting in a chair for a long period of time can cause your back to become quite stiff and sore, especially if you are not strong enough to maintain proper posture when sitting. Therefore, if your job requires you to be at a desk for a long period of time, make sure you strengthen your core and take breaks. Heck, why not do some core strengthen exercises while you take your breaks ;  )

Jeremy - Sports performance strength trainingSports and recreational activities

From college football to backyard soccer games, core strength is essential if you are looking to optimize your performance on the field. Not only does having a strong core make your performance level improve, but it also reduces your risk of injury. Sports such as baseball and tennis require a lot of torsion. If your core isn’t strong enough for the movements involved in that sport, your risk of injury is greatly increased.

Balance and stability

As you get older your chances of falling become much more prevalent. To decrease your chances of falling it is important that you improve your balance. The simplest way to improve your balance is by, well… balancing. Another way to improve one’s ability to balance is to improve your core strength. Your core is what keeps your body stabilized so it goes without saying that if you have a strong core, your balance will be better.


Core strength and good posture go together like peanut butter and jelly. Posture becomes better with a well-rounded, strong core. Your skeleton creates the framework of your body. The muscles make sure the framework is stays stable. Make your core muscles stronger, improve your posture.

Risk of injury

Probably most important…When you develop a strong core your risk of injuring yourself, especially your back, reduces. Improve your core strength and reduce your risk of injury in sports, work, and life in general!


So what’s the take-home point?


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