Importance Of Cycle Training In The Winter Months To Prepare For Great Outdoors

Importance Of Cycle Training In The Winter Months To Prepare For Great Outdoors

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Importance Of Cycle Training In The Winter Months To Prepare For Great Outdoors

Millions of people enjoy cycling worldwide.  It is one of the easiest activities for people of all fitness levels and body types to perform to make a change regarding their overall health.  Many cyclists love the flexibility that a indoor stationary bike may provide.  No more worrying about the weather dirtying your gears, cables, or frame.  Not to mention, performing workouts in a group setting is highly motivating and enables the rider to stay more consistent with workouts. This article is for those people who when the winter months arrive automatically hang up their outdoor cycle in the garage and focus on cross & weight-training activities to stay in shape. As we all know there are many benefits to cycling which include increased cardiovascular fitness, mental changes, major calorie burn, and reduction of stress on the joints of the lower body. There are also benefits to riding alone and outdoors versus in a group and indoors.  I usually like to ride alone outdoors because it is my time to reflect, focus, and recharge.  I find it very therapeutic and an important part of training for spring and summer triathlons. You only have to worry about yourself, the road, and other traffic...of course. After participating in a couple indoor training sessions at Penn cycle in Woodbury over the past month my mind has been changed for the better.    The class setting provides additional motivation and a sense of team work that pushes you to compete with yourself, the instructor, and other participants.  Attending these classes over the winter months maintains gains made during the summer and prepares you for the upcoming spring. Whether you are a novice or seasoned veteran indoor classes are for you.  My recommendation is to find the nearest Penn cycle call or check there schedule online for upcoming training schedule.  Check out several of the photos and videos of the most recent indoor training session hosted by Penn cycle in Woodbury with head trainer Bob McEnaney.  His group is currently training primarily outdoors (weather pending) at Afton Alps focusing on hills.  If you have other questions regarding Penn cycle indoor/outdoor training contact Bob via email: Please contact mysel if you have any additional questions regarding indoor/outdoor cycle training as we all are gearing up for some warmer spring weather. - Saul

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Saul Helgeson, DPT, PT, Cert-DN. Saul specializes in treating a variety of patient populations including simple to complex spinal care, vestibular and concussion rehabilitation, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and neuropathic conditions. He also enjoys working with the active population from novice to very competitive athletes including triathletes for a variety of shoulder, hip, and ankle injuries. Saul utilizes an eclectic approach to patient care utilizing functional movement analysis, biomechanical joint assessment, and hands-on manual therapy techniques. He also employs instruments (Dry Needling and Graston instruments) for soft tissue restrictions, neural mobility, and tendinopathies.

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