Why Do We ImPACT Concussion Test Our Athletes?


If you have a child in a contact sport or are playing a sport, I bet you have heard about Concussions. For good reason, it is such a hot topic in the world right now. People are playing sports faster, longer and harder than ever before.   ImPACT Concussion Testing has also become a bigger part in the sports world. From the NFL to the local high school team, the ImPACT Concussion Test is being used to measure baseline cognitive function. Then it measures the changes in cognitive functioning that cannot be accurately measured by clinician interviewing the athlete when an athlete sustains a concussion.

So, why is it important and why should you care as an athlete or parent about getting the ImPACT Concussion Test?

  • If taken prior to the concussion, the ImPACT concussion test can provide a baseline for cognitive function including; visual and verbal memory, symptoms, processing speed and reaction time.
  • ImPACT is the most scientifically valid and most researched concussion management tool available. It provides a tool for health care professionals to utilize to appropriately manage your concussion and return you to your sport in the safest way.
  • Help medical professionals in making decisions about the academic accommodations you may need during the recovery process.
  • When taken incrementally after a concussion, a health care provider can see changes in cognitive function, making sure there is steady improvement.
  • Athletes are notorious for hiding concussive symptoms such as headache, dizziness and difficulties in thinking. Most experts agree that relying on athletes to report their own symptoms this is a dangerous practice. Having the athlete take a ImPACT test after a hit to the head can help determine their current cognitive function and in some cases help an athlete realize they are not ready to go back to play yet because it isn’t safe


Remember you only get one brain, treat it well!

– Kaitlen