[Recipe]: Homemade Coconut Kefir

[Recipe]: Homemade Coconut Kefir

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Homemade Coconut Kefir

I was recently introduced to coconut kefir. As I’ve been on a journey of incorporating foods that fuel and help care for me better, I leared about cultured and probiotic foods. When I first heard of coconut kefir, I had preconceived notions in my head that I would have force it down. Even with that idea, I figured I could do it for the benefit of good bacteria. So I bought my first bottle of coconut kefir, Tula’s Cocokefir. I gasped a bit when I saw the price. I thought to myself, “$11.79 for a 16 oz bottle?!?! Seriously?!?! Ok, ok, I can do this.” Surprisingly to me, I loved it! I had bought a couple bottles when I learned more how to make my own. The attempt of making my own was definitely an experiment! I poured, mixed, and prayed. Fortunately, the directions that came with my starter kit were very accurate, and I had great results! So here I am to share with you how I made my own, and the significant cost savings.

All of the products I used were bought on Amazon, as it was the best price I could find.

*Coconut Water – Cocozia 100% Organic Coconut Water 16.9 Oz (Pack of 12) – $35

*Body Ecology Kefir Starter – 6 packets – $35

*Omica Organics Liquid Stevia Botanica Liquid Stevia – Plain – $14.50

I followed the directions in the Body Ecology Kefir Starter. So simple! Make sure the coconut water is warm (about 96*). Add 1 packet of starter. Keep at 72-78* for 24-48 hours. Mix well, and keep in the refrigerator. Yes, it is that simple!

My house is usually at 64* degrees. To work around that, I placed the covered container of coconut kefir of the register in the warmest room my house. I then covered it well with a fleece blanket, and kept a thermometer under the blanket so I could monitor the temperature.

My clever setup and insulation to maintain heat

My clever setup and insulation to maintain heat

My first batch was 1 quart of coconut water with 1 packet of starter. The Body Ecology starters allow you to use part of the previous batch to up to 7 additional batches. I am currently in the process of making batch #3. When making additional batches, I make 2 quarts of kefir. It’s as easy as warming up the coconut water, then adding 2/3 cup of the previous batch. Don’t worry! Body Ecology does a great job of writing detailed directions, which are included with the starters.

I don’t mind the sour flavor of the coconut kefir. However, I do like to add a couple to a few drops, depending on how much kefir I am drinking, of liquid stevia to my kefir. It provides just enough sweet to make my taste buds happy.

Now to look at the cost. Again, I was buying a 16 oz bottle for $11.79. I was able to get a case of it at a discount, which made each bottle a little over $10. By making my own, with some rough calculations that vary slightly based on how much kefir you make in each additional batch, I have calcuated that 16 oz costs me less than $3.25. That is a huge savings!!

Starting items for kefir

Starting items for kefir

Considering the taste is great and cost savings are phenomenal, why not give it a try? It is definitely fun to have a mini-science experiment in your home!

– Steph

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