What Does The Glycemic Index (GI) Mean?

What Does The Glycemic Index (GI) Mean?

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What Does The Glycemic Index (GI) Mean?

The glycemic index has been of interest of diabetics for years and much of the research has been done on this population. Recently the GI has been of interest to the general population. The glycemic index is a classification of a food and how hight or how low it raises your blood glucose levels (the food's glycemic response). Foods that are digested quickly and raise blood levels and insulin rapidly have a high glycemic response. The foods that take longer to digest and break down slowly have a low GI. Contrary to what was previously thought of sugars do not always rank higher than starches when it comes to "spiking" insulin levels. Potatoes and instant rice rank higher than table sugar. Cooking, processing, eating the food as part of a meal, eating a different amount , and eating  at different time of the day all have more of an effect on the glycemic index than what you eat.


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