Getting Outside Has Benefits for Your Mind & Body

Getting Outside Has Benefits for Your Mind & Body

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You may think that hiking outside is just an exercise for your physical needs. However, it is as much of an activity for your mental health as it is for your body. A nature walk, a trail hike or just spending time gardening in your backyard –– no matter how extensive, being outdoors is one of the best things you can do for you mind and body, here’s why!

Happiness and Mood Adjustment

Following recent studies out of Stanford University, it was discovered that the factor most impacted among individuals who spent part of their day out in nature was their overall happiness. Especially for those who spent the rest of their day surrounded by the chaos of city life, taking a hike in the woods displayed more signs of mood regulation and overall positive nature. This helps mental health in a way that acts as a natural substitute for medicated mood stabilizers. Decreasing your stress can help you in so many additional ways of your in daily life.

Attentiveness and Creativity

It was also discovered that people who took time out of their day to spend in nature had an easier time focusing on tasks upon eventually returning to them. Due to decreased stress levels, this connects the dots, since a person is naturally more likely to be less distracted when they have less worries on their mind. Then, going one step further, this focus and clear vision was discovered to give people more freedom for creative thought than when they spent their days within a crowded city. Peace of mind allows for more free-flowing thoughts, inviting in more creative thoughts through the power of the outdoors. 

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Getting Outside Has Benefits for Your Mind & Body

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