FOTO Conference | Minnesota Nice Meets Southern Hospitality

FOTO Conference | Minnesota Nice Meets Southern Hospitality

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FOTO Conference | Minnesota Nice Meets Southern Hospitality

Peter Larson, TJ McLeod, and myself had the pleasure this past weekend of attending the annual FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes) conference in Knoxville, TN.  Aside from the great deal we learned about the outcome measure (more on that later), it was hard not to notice how nice people were!

We went out to dinner both nights in an area known as Market Square.  As the weather was appreciably nicer than Minnesota, there were people everywhere.  One thing we noticed were all the people with dogs.  And not only would people stop to let people pet their furry friends, they would often pick them up so small children could make a new friend!  I also saw one of the businesses had a water bowl out that they were frequently filling to allow the dogs to stop and get a drink.  Southern Hospitality is definitely real, and it was great to witness it firsthand!

As far as the conference itself goes, there were a lot of great info shares between other people that value patient-reported outcomes in PT.  One take home point is how physical therapists that incorporate their expertise and science with a patient’s values (their perception of their function, given by their FOTO report) achieve the best patient outcomes.  Those therapists are able to get the best patient results in the fewest amount of visits, providing value to the patient, third party payer, and the provider of the therapy.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at if you want more information on how FOTO can help you achieve the best possible therapy outcomes.

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