Forest Lake Fun Run 2013: Photo Gallery Of Runners And Attendees

Forest Lake Fun Run 2013: Photo Gallery Of Runners And Attendees

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Forest Lake Fun Run 2013

This year at the Forest Lake Fun Run 2013 we had not only a great group of runners, but truly amazing weather to couple the enthusiasm for this event. OSI is so lucky to be part of this event. The day began with a beautiful sunny, cloudless day that helped spark excitement for the event. By the time I got there the DJ was already setting up and the tables were going up. We set up the table to register for free prizes first. We knew we ran a risk of being overrun if that weren't readily available! ;) As people began to arrive the mood of the staff, the attendees and the participants was nothing short of awesome. People brought their dogs, kids, grand parents, name it. This is a family friendly event that draws a great crowd. Among the runners were some great groups of people on a mission, like the 'tutu' girls or the 'mom's on the run' group.

Forest Lake Fun Run 2013 18 PMForest Lake Fun Run 2013 09 PM

              We set up a fishbowl drawing where people had a chance to enter to win a $25 gift card to itunes, an iPod shuffle, or the grand prize an iPad mini. There was great interest in these items and the grand prize winner walked up casually and happily claimed his prize when his name was drawn. Just another success story at the Forest Lake Fun Run 2013. The winners of the Forest Lake Fun Run 2013 were Aaron (men's) and Jessica P. (women's). They both did an amazing job and seemed like they were ready to run another marathon when they were done.

Forest Lake Fun Run 2013 61Forest Lake Fun Run 2013 65

All in all it was an amazing event and we're excited to start thinking about other events throughout the year where we can continue to get our message out. OSI is here to help with many kinds of rehabilitation. We'd love to hear from you if you need help with rehabilitation. You can contact us by clicking HERE. - Colleen

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