Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Scramble

Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Scramble

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Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Scramble

The Masters at Augusta National. The US Open at Pinehurst #2.  The Open Championship at the Royal Liverpool.  And now, to complete the grand slams:  The Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Scramble at Forest Hills Golf Club:  an annual event embodying the tradition and character of the FLACC community.


As a member of the FLACC, OSI has proudly sponsored a hole at this event for the past several years.   Typically, we have engaged golfers by providing some sort of game to participate in at our sponsored hole – chipping marshmallows into a bean-bag board and testing grip strength to name a few.  While we will be partaking in this again, we are excited to say we will also be offering an additional service this year – free swing analysis and recommendations for those golfers who have an injury that is impeding their ability to play golf.    You see, as physical therapists, we are frequently seen by golfers for complaints of various aches and pains which disrupts their game.  By offering a chance to review some tape, we can provide professional advice to those of you out there who might be struggling with a nagging ailment that is aggravated by your golf swing.  And best of all – it will be FREE!  So when you see the OSI sponsored hole, look for me – Pete Larson, if you have any questions or want to be taped.


A little disclaimer:  I am an expert on biomechanics, muscles, and joints, so I will be analyzing swings from a physical therapists’ perspective on what may be leading to pain and dysfunction while golfing.  I will not be giving professional advice on how to improve performance, as Forest Hills has a wonderful Golf Professional – Brian Steinke – who knows much more about this than I do.   If you are pain-free and just looking to lower your handicap, I can certifiably guarantee he will be better at this than I will.


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me at or 651-464-8502…otherwise I’ll see you on the links!


– Pete
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