The Fear of Back Pain!

The Fear of Back Pain!

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The Fear of Back Pain!

The most common referral I receive is for low back pain.  One reason for this is our societies common misconceptions of what back pain is.  Please don’t misinterpret this meaning physical therapy isn’t appropriate.  However, majority of back pain episodes don’t have to leave you bedridden.  Much time for a therapist is spent debunking these beliefs.  I’ve had patient’s who believe because their parent had back surgery they will. Other patient’s who have reported that they spend their days in bed because their back pain wont let them move.  However, the most common misconception I see myself is the patient who has had MRI imaging, and because of some degenerative disk disease feels there can be no help for them and they don’t know why they are even at physical therapy.  Guess what? There is hope for back pain sufferers!

I’m generally not a youtube pursuer for health cares advise; but when a friend showed me a video put out by a Doctor I had to watch.  I think the video by Doctor Mike Evans illustrates the accuracy of what low back pain is and in doing so is a great video to begin misspelling the inaccuracies of what this diagnosis is.

Now again, if you do have an episode of back pain this doesn’t mean ignore it.  At times back pain will get better on its own and if that’s the case, GREAT!  Other times you may need to see your health professional to assist you. Either way it is important to have the attitude that YOU WILL GET BETTER and that movement can often be your best medicine.

Live happy and keep moving!

– Brett

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