What Is A Dynamic Warm Up And How Do You Do One?

What Is A Dynamic Warm Up And How Do You Do One?

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What Is A Dynamic Warm Up And How Do You Do One?

We have written other blog posts about dynamic warm ups and stretches at OSI Physical Therapy, but I wanted to cover some more on this topic. A dynamic warm-up is essential to prevent injuries to your body and prepare it for activity.  The most important aspects of a dynamic (moving) warm-up are; getting your heart rate up, and getting the blood going through the muscles.  This helps increase flexibility which allows your body to perform at its best!  Below are a few examples of what a dynamic warm-up could consist of.  Your warm-up should last ~5-10 minutes and should be continuous movement.  Dynamic warm-ups can be done with just your body weight and should get all the major muscle groups engaged.


High Knees– like a quick march, bringing your knees to waist height.


Butt Kicks – literally flexing your knee and kicking yourself in the butt with your heels.


Carioca – Starts by twisting your hips and crossing one leg in front of the other, bring your trail leg through, and cross your lead leg behind the trail leg. Continue by alternately crossing your feet in front and behind.


Forward Lunges – Make sure your front knee doesn’t come ahead of your toe. Take a big step forward 90 degree front leg bend, back leg kisses the ground.


Side Lunges – Don’t roll your ankle in, take a big step to the side, bend your leg and sit your butt back, keep the back leg straight and feel the stretch in the inner thigh.


Arm Circles – Like a windmill, move your arms in a large circular motion from the shoulder. Move your arms as quickly as you can in a controlled manner.


Skipping – Skip for height. Hop one leg up and raise the alternate arm.


Toy Soldier – Walk with your legs straight, getting your leg as high as you can and reaching with the opposite arm.


Inch Worm – Go down into push-up position, walk your feet to your hands, then slowly walk your hands out, then repeat


Hope this helps you with your sport or training. Stay healthy people!

– Kaitlen

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