Dynamic Stretches For Runners

Dynamic Stretches For Runners

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(Above: Running Tips, Dynamic Stretches for Runners – #2 Butt kicks)

Dynamic Stretches For Runners

When most people think of stretching, I think many people think back to phy ed class, sitting on the floor, reaching towards their toes or pulling their heel back towards their butt, hold the stretches for some length of time.  What we now know from more current research is that kind of held stretch, especially before doing an activity like running, actually puts a person at a higher risk for injury because you are lengthening a muscle without teaching it to work in its lengthened position.  Instead the recommendation is to do dynamic stretching.

What is dynamic stretching?  This is when a person is moving their muscle through a range of motion repetitively, creating a more lengthened muscle but also teaching it to work actively through this range, which decreases the potential muscle strain or injury.

Below are some examples of dynamic stretches I use for runners and any active person to warm up and “stretch” their legs before activity.

1. Monster walk (Hamstrings)

2. Butt Kicks (quads)

3. Bounding (quads and calves)

4. Lunge walking (quads and glutes)

5. Lateral leg swings (hip abductors)

Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions or would like help with sports performance training.

– Amy

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Amy Prose

Amy Prose

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