Donuts In The Occ Health Program?

Donuts In The Occ Health Program?

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Donuts In The Occ Health Program?

Here is Eli on his last day of the work conditioning program before he went back to full duty on the oil fields in North Dakota.  He wanted to get right to work so he took his donut onto the treadmill and started his program.  He figured he had burned enough calories over the 6 wks of 2 hr days in the program to deserve a donut or 2.


The Forest Lake and Stillwater clinics offer a work conditioning program. This program is for injured workers that need to be back to full duty before they go back to their very physical jobs.  The clients are in our offices for 2-3 hrs per day for 5 days per week.  This generally takes 6-8 wks depending on where they start in their abilities and what they need to achieve before they return to work. Contact me for more information regarding the Occupational Therapy programs.


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