Culinary Medicine Program At Tulane University

Culinary Medicine Program At Tulane University

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Culinary Medicine Program At Tulane University

A  new wave of culinary medicine is starting and it’s beginning at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans.  This seems like a no brainer due to New Orleans great food and culture!  We all know that what we eat effects the way we feel and our health; and this program is getting to the heart of it.  Here in the US; diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity are some of the most prevalent conditions and diseases.  The purpose of adding this program is to address these conditions, and how nutrition and positive eating habits help treat them.

The primary focus of the courses which were added to the curriculum is to give future doctors the knowledge they need to educate patients in a real life way about nutrition and cooking.  “The elective courses at the Center (of culinary Medicine)—along with an exchange program with Johnson & Wales’s culinary school—help students connect the classroom with the kitchen. A typical lesson starts with biochemistry and physiology, and then moves to cooking with chef Leah Sarris. Students prepare to teach patients by offering free cooking classes to New Orleans residents.”*   There will be research done concurrently with the addition of these electives on how adding culinary medicine classes affect medical school curriculums and the patients their doctors will soon treat.

*Inside the Culinary Medical Program at Tulane University/Gina Shaw 

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