Lessons In Concussions From An Olympic Snowboarder Who Cracks Helmet

Lessons In Concussions From An Olympic Snowboarder Who Cracks Helmet

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Image above – via Cameron Spencer

Concussions And Prevention Tips

Concussions are everywhere in the news these days and the best thing you can do to manage a concussion is prevent it in the first place. After watching the Olympics I was once again reminded why prevention is so important. What do you think would have happened to this snowboarders head if she didn’t have a helmet on?

Things could have been a lot worse then just a cracked helmet. While most of us will not be flying off enormous jumps, spinning, and flipping through the air being active can put us all at risk. Helmet use during winter activities like skiing and snowboarding is so important from beginners going down the bunny hill to experts braving the back country.  You never know when you may hit a patch of ice, get bumped by someone else, or just run into an unfortunate situation.  The double plus of a helmet is that it keeps you so much warmer than a hat. Although helmet use will by no means guarantee that you will never get a concussion, it is the first step in prevention.

Concussion prevention and solutionsSo now what, you wore you helmet and you still sustained a concussion what do you do? This is where the physical therapists at OSI can help.  Physical therapist are part of a concussion management team. We help people who’s symptoms are not resolving in the standard amount of time get back to school, work, and most importantly the sports and activities they love as safely and quickly as possible.

If you have experienced a recent head injury and wonder how physical therapy can help you feel free to contact us below to set up a free phone consultation!


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