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Technology In Exercise

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Technology In Exercise Exercise is important, right? I mean, I tell my patients every day to do their exercises. Why is it then that is is so hard for me to want to jump on my elliptical and pedal or stride for 25 minutes or so? As I worked through these apprehensions, I realized that […]

Technology And Physical Therapy, A Perfect Blend

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Technology And Physical Therapy, A Perfect Blend When I entered the field of physical therapy in June of 2010, the extent of the technology I had at my disposal was an archaic Toshiba laptop that worked, some of the time. I also had a video camera that I could use to do video feedback with […]

OCC Health of OSI Assisting Return to Work Challenges After Job Injuries

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 Job Injuries And The Road Back There are a wide variety of job injuries and it always amazes me the different types of jobs there are out there that people have to do each day.  As an Occupational Health Therapist,  I am learning each day what physical demands are placed on the body daily.  From […]

The ‘Volume to Value’ Change in Health Care: Threat? . . . Or Opportunity?

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The ‘Volume to Value’ Change in Health Care:  Threat? . . . Or Opportunity? Jim Hoyme, PT, MBA     Let’s face it. We live a culture of change. Dramatic change. And nothing seems to be changing as fast or dramatically as health care has since 2010 and will continue to do so over the […]

Golf Video Analysis And Physical Therapy At OSI

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Golf Video Analysis Here is one of my patient’s at our White Bear Lake clinic having his golf swing assessed with video analysis and developing an off season workout program to help him address limitations in flexibility, strength and balance. Video analysis and golf specific exercises are performed and directed by a certified Titleist Performance […]

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