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Why I Decided To Be An Athletic Trainer

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Why I Decided To Be An Athletic Trainer In spirit of National Athletic Training Month I thought I would share why I decided to be an Athletic Trainer, and why its a great field to be in.  I developed an interest in Athletic Training when my grandpa Don Joyce would tell me stories about his […]

Sports Specialization: How Much Is Too Much?

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Sports Specialization: How much is too much? Sports specialization is becoming more and more of a common practice.  Sports specialization is when young athletes plays only one sport per year or heavily favors the participation in one sport over another.  For example, sport specialization in Hockey would mean you don’t only play on your school […]

OSI’s Role in Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery

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OSI’s Role in Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery There now are options for joint replacement surgery that did not exist even just a few years ago. At the High Pointe Surgery Center St. Croix Orthopaedics (SCO) have been performing outpatient joint replacements (OJR) since March 3rd, 2012, when Dr. Mark Dahl performed the first one. Outpatient […]

The CrAzy, Busy Life Of An Athletic Trainer In Winter Months

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An Athletic Trainers Winter Schedule As the winter sports seasons are starting to wind down, it gets me thinking about how crazy and busy a high school Athletic Trainer’s life is for the past 4 months during the winter.  When I look back I kind of think: “wow, that went fast”. Which at the beginning of […]

Lessons In Concussions From An Olympic Snowboarder Who Cracks Helmet

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Image above – via Cameron Spencer Concussions And Prevention Tips Concussions are everywhere in the news these days and the best thing you can do to manage a concussion is prevent it in the first place. After watching the Olympics I was once again reminded why prevention is so important. What do you think would have […]

What Exactly Is An Athletic Trainer?

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What exactly is an Athletic Trainer? No we do not “train” athletes in the weight room to get them ready for play; although we could set up a program for athletes of all ages, for multiple purposes ranging from injury rehab, to strength training. Our title should actually be more like “Athletic Injury Health Provider“, […]

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