What Can I Expect At My First Visit?

What Can I Expect At My First Visit?

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What Can I Expect At My First Visit?

Greetings! It’s Jen again. We get a lot of “ what can I expect at my first visit” (I know I appreciate knowing what is going to take place before an appointment so hopefully this will help you)questions so let me tell you what you can expect.

The first visit is the longest visit for you. The therapist will do an evaluation on you to see what you can and cannot do with your injury. You will then receive a little bit of treatment that first visit. Your therapist and you will go over your plan of care and this will let you know how many times you should be coming to therapy and for how long. You will also receive a program to start working on some exercises at home to help with your care.

Your first initial visit ranges from 30-45 minutes with a check in time of 15 minutes prior to your appointment for paperwork. We like to send your paperwork ahead of time for your appointment or you can download it at www.osipt.com under your appointment. Follow up visits are typically 30 minutes but may be longer depending on your treatment plan.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us @ 651 275 4706, we are glad to help you!!

– Jen

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