How to Calculate What You Need for a Post Workout Snack

How to Calculate What You Need for a Post Workout Snack

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How to Calculate What You Need for a Post Workout Snack

So you had a very hard work out and now you are looking for some good recovery nutrition.   What should you eat and how much should you eat to maximize your recovery nutrition habits?

Math Lesson – The pounds to kilograms conversion is 2.204 pounds = 1 kg.  So if you were 140 pounds you would divide 140 by 2.204 to get your weight in kilograms.  140/2.204 = 64kg.

Weight (lb) / 2.204 = weight in kg

To get your recommended amount of protein intake post workout, you would multiply your weight in kilograms by .25g. So in our example of the 140 pound individual 64kg x .25 = 16g protein.

Weight (kg) x .25g = grams of protein needed post workout


Post workout snack - Kaitlen 2Stay with me here, I know it’s a lot of math.  Just one more equation to the recommended amount of carbohydrates needed after a workout.  For our example if you weigh 64 kg you would need 64 grams of carbohydrate, easy as that!

Weight in (kg) = the number of grams of carbohydrate

Now that the math is out of the way you can come up with some good post workout meals to help your muscles recover.  Some great options are;

Chocolate milk and a Turkey sandwich

Almonds and peanut butter

Greek yogurt and granola

Fruit Smoothie with spinach or almonds

Crackers and Salmon

Eggs and a half bagel

Protein shake/bar

Apple with Almond butter


Hope this helps get you started in the right direction. Leave your questions and comments below.

– Kaitlen

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